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New Year

Presently all Christian churches celebrate the New Year on January 1. The word “January” means “birth”. Before Christ’s coming to the world mankind was the captive of hell and constrained by et...

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Merry Christmas

As according to the Church the day is changed at 17:00 p.m., after the evening service, the feast of the Holy Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ starts on the eve, in the evening of January 5, and is continued ...

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The Day of Armenian Army

This day is very prominent in the History of Armenia. In 1992, 28 Jenuary, one year after Armenia declared a free country, the Armenian Army was created by Sparapet (Commander)Vazgen Sargsyan.

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Saint Sargis

St. Sargis is a beloved religious observance and is very popular among young people. It is celebrated 63 days before Easter. On the night of the holiday young people eat salty pies and don’t drink water to encourage d...

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According to religious custom this holiday is connected with the idea of coming forward to the Lord with fire, after 40 days of his birth. The Armenian Church celebrates it on February 14th - 40 days after January 6th, from...

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Palm Sunday (Tsaghkazard)

Palm Sunday (Tsaghkazard) is celebrated one week before Easter and marks Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem as the messiah. The customs observed on this holiday begin with boys and girls dressed in their best cl...

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Happy Easter

On Holy Saturday, Christ’s destruction of hell and His liberation of righteous souls are commemorated. According to Church tradition, the new day begins following the Evening Service. An evening Divine Liturgy is cele...

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Memorial Day of Armenian Genocide

On 24 of April in all Armenians of all over the world are gathering together for the memorial day of Armenian Genocide of 1915. This day is considered to be a day of great remembrance. According to the official data during ...

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Victory Day

Armenians celebrate two important events on this day: Victory in Great Patriotic War and another very important victory – liberation or Shoushi, the second city of Nagorno-Karabakh, which took place in 1992.

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Ascension Day (Hambardzum)

Ascension Day is the holiday of love and enjoyment, which is celebrated outdoors in the blossom of May, 40 days after Easter. In ancient times on this day the young ladies were allowed to walk freely in the fields, sing songs, and make acquaintances, w...

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Dolma Festival

A dolma festival will be held at Armenia’s Sardarapat Memorial. During the festival 18-20 pavilions will introduce their dolmas and the jury will decide the best dolma maker, who will receive a clay cup as present. Hi...

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Day of the First Republic

On this day in 1918, the Armenian people restored what was left of historic Armenia to statehood after half a millennium of lost sovereignty. The celebration of this day marks the beginning of the modern Armenian quest for ...

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Sheep Shearing Festival

The event will take place in Tatev area. The participants in the festival will taste traditional dishes, listen to and watch live performances, take dancing lessons, etc.
The Tatev Revival Foundation is going to hold such a festival every year, a...

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Bread in the mountains

“Bread in Mountains” exhibition-tasting festival of festive dishes will be held in Yerevan, near Erebuni museum. “The event has an aim to show our national cuisine to and to inform wide layers of the public. 13 church holidays will be...

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Traditions of Syunik /Mulberry Festival 2018

On July, the second “Traditions of Syunik” Festival will take place in the city of Goris. Various family-oriented events and activities will be held throughout the day. Performances by local and regional dance troupes and choirs will f...

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Constitution Day

The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia was adopted through a national referendum on July 5, 1995. Constitution Day is an official holiday in Armenia.

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The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ is one of the five main “Tabernacle” feasts of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Holy Church. It commemorates the transformation or the “transfigurat...

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Assumption of the Holy Mother of God

Each year on the Sunday closest to the date of August 15, the Armenian Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of St. Mary, the Holy Mother of God. In the Calendar of the Armenian Church, this feast is the ...

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Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival

Golden Apricot International Film Festival is one of the most important events of Yerevan's cultural life. Every year in July Golden Apricot brings to Armenia the best of the World's art house films. The Festival will take ...

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Pan-Armenian Games

The Pan-Armenian Games are a multi-sport event which gathers all the young generation of Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Armenian Diaspora. The games include plenty of competitions in individual and team sports. It takes plac...

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Navasard (Old Armenian New Year)

Navasard refers to pagan Armenia when everybody used to celebrate this biggest event.This festival is full of singing, dancing, hunting, various games, fortune-telling and folk entertainment. Don’t miss the chance to ...

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Festival of Carpets

The festival of Armenian carpets will take place in Dilijan because it used to be a famous carpet-making industrial center in former times. Apart from the traditional exhibition and sale of Armenian carpets guests will have...

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Barbecue Festival

 This festival will feature both professional chefs and amateur cooks from different regions of Armenia representing more than 40 varieties of kebabs. Armenian national songs and dancing, traditional games, and other events will also take place. T...

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Harissa Festival

Every year, in the second part of September, all interested people, true Musalerians and others are gathering around this place to celebrate the anniversary of the victory. This celebration is followed by national Armenian ...

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Independence Day

Independence Day is an official holiday in Armenia. The restoration of the Republic of Armenia in 1991, after 70 years of sovietization, followed a national referendum on secession from Soviet Union.

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9th Traditional Wine Festival

Each year in Areni village takes place already a traditional "Areni Wine" Festival, where besides the inhabitants of the region there are also present representatives of various departments.

"Areni Wine Festival" gives a great opportunity to di...

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Gata Festival

The second annual Gata Festival will be held in the village of Khachik in Vayots Dzor on October. Last year's festival included the world's largest gata.

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Yerevan’s one of the ancient cities in the world. And the naming of the city is interpreted in various interesting ways.

One interpretation refers to Noah and his ark. According to...

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SHEEP SHEARING FESTIVAL - 2018 Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO organizes the annual Sheep Shearing Festival, which will take place in Syunik Animal Market near Khot rural settlement of Tatev Community in Syunik region on Saturday, June 9. The ma...

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