Meet our team

Anna Kirakosyan / Director

Anna Kirakosyan has been working in the industry of tourism for about 20 years since 1998. After  working in various travel agencies as a director of Incoming Tourism Department for many years she obtained a huge experience and in 2014 gathering together a great professional and exprienced staff around her she has founded her own travel agency.

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Mob: +374 77 72 20 36


Skype: kirakosyan.anna

Meline Hambardzumyan / Product and Sales Manager

Meline is the product and sales manager of Silk Road Armenia. She knows well all the destinations and itineraries of Armenia. She is making the majority of our tours and programs. Being obsessed with tourism she does her best to show the great treasures of our small country. She speaks Italian, Russian, English and Armenian.

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Mob: +374 94 06 50 03


Skype: melinehambarzumyan


Tereza is reservation and sales manager at Silk Road. She is very enthusiastic and positive person. She likes to joke and making fun with her staff. Besides hotel reservations she also works on Middle  East market. She speaks English and Russian. 

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Mob: +374 93 19 08 93


Skype: tereza9360



Sona is one of the youngest members at Silk Road Travel. She works as a Sales Manager in French and Russian markets. She is very creative and open-minded person, ready for challenges and new ideas.

She gets pleasure from the job she does and always tries her best to make it a level higher each time.

She is ready to help you at any time.

Her languages are French, English and Russian

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Mob: +374 98 07 12 94


Skype: sona-hakobyan07

Anna Hakobyan / Tour Manager

Anna is an inseperable part of Silk Road Armenia. She is into her work and does it on high level. Anna is very patriot and  likes to write about her magic country. She works on Spanish, Latin American and Portuguese markets and speaks Spanish, English and Armenian.

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 Mob:    +374 77 44 84 74


Skype: anna.silkroad451

Narine Kharazyan / Tour Manager

Narine was born in Armenia, but has past all the childhood and young life in Germany. After finishing the middle school she got back to mother country. Now she is devoted to the mission of inviting Germans to Armenia, developing the relationships between her two mother lands. She speaks German, English and Armenian.

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Mob: +374 77 79 37 35


Skype: nalina.ann


Lilit Aghavelyan – Tour Manager

 Lilit is working at Silk Road as a sales manager. Lilit is cooperating mostly with Spanish speaking countries and she specialized in Spanish language. She is very active, hard working,  positive and easy going person. She loves Spain and the people of that country. So with the help of that and of course because of her hard work she became one of the best sales managers of the company.  Besides that Lilit loves to represent Armenia, culture and traditions to Spanish people and  has very good knowledge of the places which are “must see” in Armenia. So  the itinerary details and organizational skills are very high..  She speaks in English and Russian languages also.
Contact her
Mob:   +374 99505158
Skype: lalola572

Irena Igitova/ Accountant

  Irena represents accounting department at Silk Road, she has a very professional approach to her job.
Due to het job our company keep safe and clear the financial part.

Tigran Balyan/TOUR GUIDE

 Tigran started to work in tourism industry from 2015 and now is working as a tour guide in Silk Road. He graduated Russian- Armenian University based in Yerevan, and he knows 3 languages: Armenian, Russian, English. He is working also as a trekking and hiking tour guide, exploring the hidden parts of Armenia. Responsible, friendly person who is representing his country to our guests, showing the beautiful history and wild nature of Armenia.

Laura Harutyunyan / Tour guide

Laura works as a tour guide in Armenia and Mountainous Kharabagh since 2004. Guides in English and Russian languages. Also worked in Sergey Parajanov Museum of Collages. Got a license 095 of a Tour Guide in 2006. Guides touristic groups and individual tourists from England, USA, Australia, Greece, Chez Republic, Israel, Malaysia, etc.

Anna Matevosyan / Tour guide

Anna is 26 years old. She is a tourist guide and has been in doing this job since 2009. She did her Bachelor Degree at Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov, and then she did Master’s Degree at the American University of Armenia. She was educated to be an English teacher but tourism is what she love the most. She speaks four languages; Armenian, English, Spanish and Russian, and the knowledge of languages gives her an opportunity to work with tourists from different countries and explore different cultures, as well as share knowledge on our culture and history with them. Along with working in tourism, she also teach languages.

Gor Sevosyan / Tour Guide

Gor is 33 years old and works as a tour guide already 6 years . He graduated from the faculty of Oriental studies and then continued in field of Political sciences. Starting the carrier of guide with jeeping and photo tours, with his great communicative skills he makes possible for the visitors from all over the world to discover mysterious and hidden corners of Armenia with all its deepness and diversity. Gor is fluent in English, Russian and Iranian and has experience in guidance of both individual and group tourist.

Hakob Markosyan/ Tour Guide

Hakob is 33 years old. Has graduate from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov in 2003. Since 2008 he is a licensed tour guide and has an experience of guiding for both individuals and big tourist groups from German-speaking countries. He likes to introduce to visitors his old and beautiful country.  Speaks Armenian, German, Russian, English. 

Ani Antonyan/ Tour Guide

As a person who was born in diaspora Ani has always dreamt of having the opportunity to present her mother country to the foreigners, to let them get acquainted with the beauty of this country, with its ancient history, culture, architecture and of course the hospitality of people. She has been working as a tour guide for about four years and has obtained an invaluable experience thanks to this very interesting job. She forks with the travellers from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. And all her tourists she greets with much pleasure saying "Welcome to Armenia".


David is 32 years old. He graduated from Yerevan State University in 2005 and he has been working in tourism industry since 2006 after he got tour guide license in farsi and english languages from the tourism department of the ministry of economy of RA. He has an experience of guiding for both individuals and big groups from different countries of Europe, Asia, USA and UK.

Anahit Avagyan/TOUR GUIDE

Anahit is a freelance English-speaking tour guide. She has graduated from the department of Cultural Studies of YSU. Anahit was an exchange student in Latvia, having the academic program in English. Apart from being a competent and diligent guide Anahit is also experienced in non-formal education and intercultural communication working in an International NGO. Due to her wide travel experience abroad Anahit has sympathetic understanding of the needs and interests of the guests.  


Eliza has been working in tourism industry since 2009 as a freelance tour guide for Italian and English speaking groups.  She is also an Italian lecturer and is currently collaborating with the University for Foreigners of Perugia as an online tutor for the postgraduate Master’s degree program in ‘Teaching Italian to Foreigners’. She has also work experience as a project manager. Eliza has a great passion for her work as a guide. ‘Making people feel my country is a deep emotion, which increases thanks to any new intercultural input’.


Ani is 24 years old, lives in Yerevan. Has graduate from Yerevan State Linguistic University After Valeriy Brussov. Has obtained her BA and MA degrees in Linguistics and Translation Srudies. Speaks Russian, English,Italian, French and Romanian. Works as freelance tour guide.

Gayane Aleksanyan/TOUR GUIDE

 I am an experienced lisenced tour guide in Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh since 2006. I have graduated from Linguistic University and speak fluent English and Italian.My knowledge covers history,art, culture and I am always happy to share my experience with everyone who visits my lovely country.

Sona Khlghatyan/Tour guide

Sona has been working in tourism industry since 2010 as a freelance tourist guide for English, Spanish and Swedish-speaking groups. She has been working as a lecturer of English in Brusov University, Yerevan for 8 years and has been teaching Spanish in 2 schools in Sweden for one academic year. Sona is also a project manager in KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation for training experienced tourist guides.”To deal with a diversity of cultures and bear the duty of familiarizing them with my culture is a responsible and awesome job for me. I do enjoy my occupation of being a tourist guide. I LOVE it”