​Bjni - | Silk Road Armenia


​Bjni Fortress, an impressive castle nestled in the village of Bjni, graces the picturesque landscape of Kotayk province in Armenia. Perched atop a rocky plateau, the fortress divides the village into two parts, its grandeur enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings. The larger section of the fortress lies to the west, gracefully curving to the south, while the smaller part occupies the eastern side.

The ancient walls of the fortress offer a glimpse into its storied past, visible mainly from the western side of the village. To reach this historical treasure, follow a narrow dirt road that splits (take the left fork) and winds its way up the hillside. As you ascend, the fortress gradually reveals its awe-inspiring presence, standing as a testament to the architectural ingenuity of its creators.

Bjni Fortress holds the secrets of ancient times, captivating visitors with its timeless charm and rich heritage. It provides a rare opportunity to step back in history and marvel at the ancient craftsmanship that graced this land centuries ago.

From its strategic location to the enchanting views it offers, Bjni Fortress beckons travelers and history enthusiasts alike to explore its hallowed grounds. A visit to this captivating site promises an unforgettable journey through Armenia’s past, a journey that allows you to experience the mystique of this remarkable castle and the beautiful village of Bjni.