December 2019 - | Silk Road Armenia


December 2019
Edible Plants in Armenian Cuisine
Hosted on a highland plateau in the picturesque village of Dsegh—Tumanyan’s birth place—the “Edible Plants in Armenian Cuisine” Festival celebrates the use of oranges indigenous greens and herbs in Armenian Cuisine. During the festival visitors will explore exhibitions and can sample traditional dishes made with the edible plants of the Lori region. Families will enjoy...
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Haybuis Festival
Ask any Armenian—herbs are essential to any meal. The Festival is held in one of the most picturesqueplaces of Armenia – the Apaga resort located inYenokavan, Tavush region, an area known for itsbeautiful forests and mountains. Visitors learn aboutArmenian herbs and different methods of using them,including their healing properties. There is also aherbal tea party,...
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sheep shearing festival
Do you ever wonder where wool comes from? At theannual Sheep Shearing Festival in Syunik’s Khot village,visitors can experience the thousands of years oldtradition of shearing sheep to produce wool yarns.Traditionally these yarns were then used to weavecarpets and other textiles for practical use. Watchlocals participate in shearing competitions, buy wooland other locally-made products, enjoy...
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Tolma Festival
Every year food lovers from Armenia and beyond will gather around Zvartnots temple to celebrate and eat as many tolma as possible. Tolma is a stuffed vegetable dish that is common in Armenia and surrounding regions. This annual event is all about cooking and eating, as Armenian tolma-makers gather to prepare tolma using forgotten and...
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Yerevan Wine Days is an annual street festival gathering the true oenophiles on Saryan Street – a bustling hub of Yerevan’s young and innovative wine scene. The two-day event features Armenian winetasting with complimentary appetizers and cheese selections from local vintners and restaurants. Visitors feast on wine and food while enjoying Armenian jazz and local...
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