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The Great Silk Road and ancient civilization of Armenia

The civilizational endowment of Armenia to the Great Silk Road was determined by the export of its own materials and products, importation of goods, their conveyance to other countries, partaking in international money circulation, maintenance and shield ...

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Cities of Armenia that are worth visiting

In Armenia, many beautifully preserved ancient temples and monasteries contrast with modern-built churches. A huge number of museums scattered throughout Armenia opens up completely new sides for tourists who are unfamiliar with the history of the countr...

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Armenian Traditional musical Instruments

Armenian musical instruments play an important part of the country’s culture. There are numerous national instruments in Armenian music since the antiquity. Most of these musical instruments have been adding to the harmony of the traditional and fo...

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8 Reasons to visit Armenia in 2019-2020

Why travel to Armenia? If this is a question readily on your mind, we offer 8 reasons why you should visit Armenia at least once in your life. This small country is located right at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and suggests a variety of interesting ...

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Not to miss this fall in Armenia

Believe it or not, living in Armenia gives you a real opportunity to discover new fall colours. Due to the varied elevations of the mountains, you can experience one of the longest-running fall seasons in the world. The leaves begin to change colours in ...

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Archaeological tours in Armenia: Explore interesting sites

Let’s see what archaeological sites in Armenia you can reveal and what waits for you in the ancient country full of marvelous archaeological places and history. Archeological tours in Armenia with Silk Road Armenia Ukhtasar Mountain is located on ...

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Gastronomic Tours in Armenia: Enjoy Great Armenian Cuisine

Armenian cuisine is one of the most ancient in the world. Two thousand years ago, in some places, civilization had not yet begun to emerge, and the ancestors of modern Armenians already knew how to bake bread, cook barbecue and make wine. Armenian cuisin...

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Pilgrimage tour in Armenia. Discover the spiritual Armenia

Let's cross pilgrimage routes to Armenia together! Initiate pilgrimage tour in Armenia! Where to spend a vacation? Time to schedule your pilgrimage tour Armenia! Religious tours to Armenia will be a remarkable journey to the country of Christian customs....

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Hourse-riding Tours in Armenia. Unforgettable Experience

Horse riding is not only a beautiful sport and an expensive hobby. Scientists have shown that it has a positive effect not only on the physical state of the body but also on the psyche. Regular horseback riding can cure depression, depressed mood, and in...

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Tailor Made Tours in Armenia: Reasonable Trend in Tourist Service

What is tailor made tours? The client chooses range of services he needs. Tailor made tours and travels provide complete freedom of choice and independence from others. Tailor made tour is a type of service provided by a tour operator to one person or a...

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Assumption of the Holy Mother of God

Each year on the Sunday closest to the date of August 15, the Armenian Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of St. Mary, the Holy Mother of God. In the Calendar of the Armenian Church, this feast is the fourth of five major feasts that are commem...

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What is Great Silk Road History?

Honor and respect for the merchants of former times - discoverers. One of them threw himself on a journey to the far reaches of wealth and gold, while the second was driven by a thirst for adventure, discovery and courage. Rumors of pearl and gold countri...

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Pan-Armenian Games

The Pan-Armenian Games are a multi-sport event which gathers all the young generation of Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Armenian Diaspora. The games include plenty of competitions in individual and team sports. It takes place in Yerevan, the capital of Arm...

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Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival

Golden Apricot International Film Festival is one of the most important events of Yerevan's cultural life. Every year in July Golden Apricot brings to Armenia the best of the World's art house films. The Festival will take place from July 09-16 2016....

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Constitution Day

The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia was adopted through a national referendum on July 5, 1995. Constitution Day is an official holiday in Armenia.

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Day of the First Republic

On this day in 1918, the Armenian people restored what was left of historic Armenia to statehood after half a millennium of lost sovereignty. The celebration of this day marks the beginning of the modern Armenian quest for independence. Short lived, the 1...

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Ascension Day (Hambardzum)

Ascension Day is the holiday of love and enjoyment, which is celebrated outdoors in the blossom of May, 40 days after Easter. In ancient times on this day the young ladies were allowed to walk freely in the fields, sing songs, and make acquaintances, whic...

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Victory Day

Armenians celebrate two important events on this day: Victory in Great Patriotic War and another very important victory – liberation or Shoushi, the second city of Nagorno-Karabakh, which took place in 1992.

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Memorial Day of Armenian Genocide

On 24 of April in all Armenians of all over the world are gathering together for the memorial day of Armenian Genocide of 1915. This day is considered to be a day of great remembrance. According to the official data during 1915-1918 years 1.500.000 millio...

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Happy Easter

On Holy Saturday, Christ’s destruction of hell and His liberation of righteous souls are commemorated. According to Church tradition, the new day begins following the Evening Service. An evening Divine Liturgy is celebrated, at the end of which the ...

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Palm Sunday (Tsaghkazard)

Palm Sunday (Tsaghkazard) is celebrated one week before Easter and marks Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem as the messiah. The customs observed on this holiday begin with boys and girls dressed in their best clothes. The engaged men of each v...

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Visit us at ITB Berlin.

We will be pleased to welcome you at our stand at ITB Berlin on 03/06-03/10/19. We will be under the stand of Silk Road Destination.

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Saint Sargis

St. Sargis is a beloved religious observance and is very popular among young people. It is celebrated 63 days before Easter. On the night of the holiday young people eat salty pies and don’t drink water to encourage dreaming at night. They believe t...

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According to religious custom this holiday is connected with the idea of coming forward to the Lord with fire, after 40 days of his birth. The Armenian Church celebrates it on February 14th - 40 days after January 6th, from which it derives the religious ...

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The Day of Armenian Army

This day is very prominent in the History of Armenia. In 1992, 28 Jenuary, one year after Armenia declared a free country, the Armenian Army was created by Sparapet (Commander)Vazgen Sargsyan.

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As according to the Church the day is changed at 17:00 p.m., after the evening service, the feast of the Holy Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ starts on the eve, in the evening of January 5, and is continued after the midnight, on January 6...

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New Year

Presently all Christian churches celebrate the New Year on January 1. The word “January” means “birth”. Before Christ’s coming to the world mankind was the captive of hell and constrained by eternal death. Being born in Janua...

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Visit us at WTM London

We will be pleased to welcome you at our stand at WTM London on 11/04-11/06/19. We will be under the stand of Silk Road Destination.

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JATA Tourism Expo Japan

JATA is growing as a leading international event in the tourism sector. Its goal is to promote domestic, overseas and inbound tourism. Visit us at our stand from the 24-27 October 2019.  INTEX OSAKA (INTEX OSAKA) and its surrounding areas1-5-102 Min...

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Yerevan’s one of the ancient cities in the world. And the naming of the city is interpreted in various interesting ways. One interpretation refers to Noah and his ark. According to it, Noah’s ark landed on Masis and as he came out of it, he s...

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10th Traditional Wine Festival

Each year in Areni village takes place already a traditional "Areni Wine" Festival, where besides the inhabitants of the region there are also present representatives of various departments. "Areni Wine Festival" gives a great opportunity to discover Arm...

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Areni Wine Festival

Taste the world’s most ancient - and arguably most delicious - wines at the Areni Wine Festival.In 2011, archaeologists discovered the world’s oldest winery dating back 6,000 years in Areni Cave. Armenian winemakers today are reinvigorating th...

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Yerevan Color Run

Running has never been this fun. The annual Yerevan Color Run is a 5K race through Armenia’s capital city. At the starting line, participants warm up by listening to energetic music. Throughout the race, which winds through Yerevan’s central b...

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Mec Poor - Big Bonfire Festival

Indulge in Armenia’s tastiest potatoes, nice music and welcoming people.Mec Poor Festival is a celebration of one of the most hospitable regions of Armenia - Gavar in Gegharkunik region. As the motto of the event states, “People of Gavar are H...

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Tea and Coffee Festival

Warm your soul with tea and coffee on a nice Armenian autumn day.The Tea and Coffee Festival in Yerevan brings together tea and coffee lovers at Swan Lake - one of the most beautiful public spaces in Yerevan. Visitors stroll around the lake on a crisp aut...

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Gata Festival

Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Gata Festival in Khachik village.Located at 1800-1900 meters above sea level, Khachik is perched atop the Vayots Dzor highlands. Every fall the village gathers for a festival to celebrate gata - the delicious Armenian desse...

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Independence Day

Independence Day is an official holiday in Armenia. The restoration of the Republic of Armenia in 1991, after 70 years of sovietization, followed a national referendum on secession from Soviet Union.

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Harissa Festival

Every year, in the second part of September, all interested people, true Musalerians and others are gathering around this place to celebrate the anniversary of the victory. This celebration is followed by national Armenian dances starting from Saturday ev...

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Arts and Crafts Festival

Celebrate and experience real cultural revival with Armenia’s oldest traditions. The Arts and Crafts Festival, held in Dilijan, promotes regionally-specific arts and crafts, including decorative arts like pottery, blacksmithing, woodworking, and nat...

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Festival of Carpets

The festival of Armenian carpets will take place in Dilijan because it used to be a famous carpet-making industrial center in former times. Apart from the traditional exhibition and sale of Armenian carpets guests will have an opportunity to enjoy the mas...

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Armenia on the Crossroads of Peace Festival

The perfect hub for all lovers of cultural diversity. This multi-day and multi-city Festival promotes peace and cultural understanding. Held in Byurakan, Pambak, Ashtarak, and Yerevan, Armenia on the Crossroads of Peace Festival serves as both a nati...

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1000 Years of Village Life Festival

Experience rural Armenian life. The 1000 Years of Village Life Festival is all about rural traditions where visitors can become familiar with, enjoy and participate in a rural lifestyle, spend a day with a family in a village house and participate in acti...

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The Pan-Armenian Khorovats Festival

Armenia is one of the best places to taste a delicious barbecue which is an inseparable part of Armenians’ lives. They have their version of the name for the dish known as barbecue; it is – “Khorovats,” which means “roas...

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DJ & Mash-up Festival

Spend the international youth day, surrounded by good music and good company.The DJ mash-up festival brings together famous DJs and groups that play both Armenian mash-ups and foreign music, that brings together all generations.This music festival takes p...

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Honey and Berry Festival

The perfect mix of flavors in the heart of Armenian nature. The Honey and Berry Festival is a two-day festival in Berd, dedicated to promoting agriculture, beekeeping, arts and crafts, and tourism. The Festival opens with a jazz concert. Visitors can...

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Sevan Music Festival

Sevan Music Festival is the only festival that is dedicated to Lake Sevan, the main slogan of which is #ThankyouSevan. It takes place in the second week (Saturday and Sunday) of August. The event aims to gather all positive and creative young people ...

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Navasard (Old Armenian New Year)

Navasard refers to pagan Armenia when everybody used to celebrate this biggest event.This festival is full of singing, dancing, hunting, various games, fortune-telling and folk entertainment. Don’t miss the chance to taste all the festival dishes ma...

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Street workout festival

Fitness lovers unite.During the Street Workout Festival, fitness lovers gather at Freedom Square in a display of strength. Participants take part in push-up competitions, vying for a place in Armenia’s record book. For those of us with less experie...

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Huso Aragast International Song Festival

Huso Aragast, which means “Sail of Hope,” is a music festival, named after a very famous Armenian song.The Festival provides visitors with an opportunity to discover new names in the music industry and gives musicians the chance to write, pres...

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SunChild International Environmental festival

Building public awareness of nature, wildlife and the environment.SunChild international environmental film festival is the first environmental film festival in the South Caucasus region. Over the past nine years, SunChild has screened more than 400 films...

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“Bed & Bread” Rural Tourism Festival

During this festival Ararat province transforms into cafes and dining halls, as the community open their houses and host what might be considered as one of the most fun festival in Armenia.The aim of this festival is to develop tourism in the villages and...

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Raspberry Festival

The annual Raspberry Festival is held in the Ashotavan community of Sisian, Syunik province, where—locals claim—the most delicious and sweetest raspberries grow.During the Festival, which occurs in the midst of raspberry season, raspberry farm...

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Ecotourism Festival

What is ecotourism? Ecotourism is a tour which aims to acquaint people with nature, its separate compounds (for ex. Landscapes, historical monuments, certain species of plants and animals) and historical memorials.With the efforts of “Association of...

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Vardavar in Drakhtik

Vardavar is the famous Armenian holiday of splashing each other with water and spending it in Drakhtik makes it way more fun and interesting.Usually on the last weekend of July in the village of Drakhtik the festival takes place with the aim to popularize...

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Mulberry Festival

Mulberry or Syunik's Goods Festival is one of the most expected festivals of summer.  Two things that Armenians love to do is to eat tastily and show others what kind of tasty foods, healthy vegetables, and berries we have. This one is the combi...

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HayBuis Festival

Learn about Armenia’s local herbs in the heart of nature. Ask any Armenian—herbs are essential to any meal. The HayBuis Festival, translated as “Armenian Herb,” celebrates these special ingredients and the traditional knowledge use...

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Hamov-Hotov Yerevan Holiday Dishes Festival

National cuisine is considered to be an important cultural card for every nation and there is not a single tourist who will not be interested in visited country’s cuisine. Armenia also has festivals devoted to national cuisine, one of which is ...

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SHEEP SHEARING FESTIVAL - 2018 Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO organizes the annual Sheep Shearing Festival, which will take place in Syunik Animal Market near Khot rural settlement of Tatev Community in Syunik region on Saturday, June 9. The main ...

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Tolma Festival

How many tolmas can you eat in one day? Find out at the Tolma Festival in Hnaberd.Every year food lovers from Armenia and beyond gather in Hnaberd village to celebrate and eat as many tolma as possible. Tolma is a stuffed vegetable dish that is common in ...

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Armenian Heritage UNESCO - UNESCO Sites

UNESCO World Heritage includes natural or man-made objects, the priorities for which, according to UNESCO, are their preservation and promotion due to their special cultural, historical or environmental significance. Armenia, a member of UNESCO since 199...

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Yerevan Wine Days

Discover some of Yerevan’s best wines and wine bars.Yerevan Wine Days is an annual street festival gathering the true oenophiles on Saryan Street - a bustling hub of Yerevan’s young and innovative wine scene.The two-day event features Armenian...

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The Great Silk Road countries

The Great Silk Road ... For us it sounds like a hot wind in the endless desert. A caravan of camels immediately appears before your eyes, crossing sand and the wall of hot, dense air. However, this landscape is only one side of reality. The Great Silk Ro...

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Snowman: Snow Art Festival

Unleash your creativity in the cold - make snow art that stands out.The Snowman Festival is a two-day festival in the town of Jermuk in the Vayots Dzor region - the wintertime haven of Armenia. At the Festival, visitors have the opportunity to take part i...

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FITUR 2019

FITUR is a global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero American markets.In 2018 FITUR has beaten the participation record with 10,190 exhibiting companies from 165 countries/regions, 140,120 tra...

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