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Biking tour in Armenia

Biking is one of the main adventure activities which are realized in Armenian highlands. This biking tour is organized specially for Silk Road Armenia and has very high rating. It is for professionals who are into passion of overcoming the difficulty of the mountains.

  • Day 1: Arrival
    Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel in Yerevan. Assembling and adjusting bicycles. City Tour in Yerevan. Evening dinner at a restaurant.
  • Day 2: Yerevan -Sevan -Tsovagiux - Noraduz
    Breakfast. Transfer to Tsovagyugh village. We start our tour from Lake Sevan, which is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, which is an excellent acclimatization for us. Sevan is the largest alpine lake in Eurasia. From the village Tsovagyugh we start to rise to a height of 13 km 2400m, the slope is not steep. At the top stunning view of Lake Sevan awaits us. Here it seems that one holds whole Sevan is his hand. After a snack and photographing we start getting down the ridge, being accompanied with the beautiful scenery of the lake from the right and the forests of Dilijan from the left. From the village, we descend to Drakhtik, Shorja. From Shorja we cross the lake by ferry. On the other side we will take car that will take us to the place of lodging - the village Noraduz. Dinner and overnight.
  • Day: 3: Noraduz – Makenis -Al Lake - Camp
    Breakfast. From Noratus we drive to the village Makenis from where we start to bike along an off-road during next 2 days. At the beginning of the route we will have to overcome the rise 9 km climb to Lake Al. After Al Lake, our route is mainly flat (sometimes short and steep climbs). After 28 km we reach our camp, which is prepared in advance by the escort car. Dinner. Overnight in camps. The length -28 km Oscillation of the height- 600m
  • Day 4: Karmrashen
    Breakfast. After a good sleep, with restored strength we begin to bike up to the summit climb of 3000m above sea level. Here we will admire the view of many mountains and descend to the village Karmrashen where we will have a house for overnight. Optionally you can organize a climb to the top of the mountain "Vayotssar" 2500m, which is located not far from the village Karmrashen, just 6 miles to the top of one side. Dinner and overnight Length -24 km Oscillation of height - 500 m
  • Day 5: Karmrashen-Malishka-Yerevan
    Breakfast. From Karmrashena the route is not long - only 20 km, we have 3km rise, and all the rest of the road descends to the town Maishka. From the city we will drive to Noravank Monastery after which we will drive to winery in Areni village. After all we will get Yerevan. Overnight at a hostel in Yerevan. Dinner at the restaurant
  • Day 6: Yerevan - Garni – Geghard-Lake Vank
    Breakfast. We leave Yerevan. We will visit the only pagan temple in Armenia, the Temple of Garni. It was built in the 1st century. It was devoted to the god of cleanness, Mihr. Then we will visit the Monastery of Geghard - founded in the IV. In the early times it was called Ayrivank (Cave Monastery), Because of its cave structures. From the 8th century it was renamed as Gegard, because of the holy lance which was used to pierce Jesus Christ’s body. It was one of the major cultural centers of medieval Armenia. Not far from the monastery on the off-road we will bike up to the plateau from where we will admire monastery Gegard and the gorge Azat River. We continue biking up overcoming the altitude of about 1000m to the lake "Vank" or Lake "Vishaps" (Dragon) 2710m. The first part of biking is of average steepness, but the rest of the road is not steep, but long. Near the lake Vank is Vishapakar. The oldest stone dates back to the 3rd millennium. Dragon Stones are located in Gegharkunik Region, on the slope of Mount Ara. The highest stone is of height 5.03 meters. Near Vishapakar we will have our camps for overnight. The place is not very high and is very good for acclimatization. The next day we will bike 13km up to 3220m above sea level. Overnight in camps. The length - 14 km Oscillation of height - 1000
  • Day 7: Vank- Spitakasar – Lanjasar
    Breakfast. After the lake the way continues with smooth road about 8km.. On the road we will be accompanied by mountain rivers, mountain chain Geghama with its highest pic Mount Azhdaak 3580m, various ancient rock paintings, about which British scientists stated that these cave paintings date back to 25,000 years. Getting downhill "Big Spitakasar", which means "Great White Mountain" in Armenian, we start to bike 4.5 km in length, up to the crest of the mountain on the height of 3220m. Getting to the highest point of recovery, we will see almost all of the vertices Geghama mountains, Lake Sevan, plains, mountains and fields. This sight is unforgettable. Then we descend to Lanjaghbyur village where the escort car will be waiting for our arrival. From the village Lanjaghbyur we get the capital Yerevan. Overnight in a hotel. Dinner at the restaurant. Length - 35 km Fluctuation height - 770m
  • Day 8: City tour – Ejmiatsin - Zvartnoc
    Breakfast. City tour in the capital. A morning excursion to Echmiadzin, spiritual heart of the Armenian Apostolic Church, located in the Ararat Valley. In 301 Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion, following the conversion of King Tiridates by St. Gregory the Illuminator. In 303 the first church was built on the site of Echmiadzin. We will visit the Mother Cathedral of Holy Ejmiatsin. We will get Yerevan. Dinner at an Armenian restaurant. Overnight at the hostel
  • Day 9: Departure
    Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.
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