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Horse riding may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about adventures. And when we add trekking as well it becomes a galaxy of adventures and entertainments. Just imagine what a thrill will be to ride a horse on the vast alpine meadows!  Sure, there are the spectacular mountain views, long hiking trails, vibrant cultural scene and whitewater. And trekking will bring you closer to many historical monuments and natural attractions. So hurry up! Your time has come!

Season: from the second half of May till the first week of November Quality of people: 7-12 pax Weather: summer is sunny and very warm in Armenia but in the mountains the weather can change suddenly, nights are cold enough. Need summer shirts (ideal - shirt with long sleeves, covering hands and neck from the sun) windbreaker, sweater, 2 pairs of sports shoes, socks, hat, sunglasses and sun cream.

  • Day 1: Arrival
    Meeting at the Zvartnoc International Airport. Transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 2: Yerevan-Ejmiatsin-Yerevan /city tour/
    A morning excursion to Echmiadzin, spiritual heart of the Armenian Apostolic Church, located in the Ararat Valley. In 301 Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion, following the conversion of King Tiridates by St. Gregory the Illuminator. In 303 the first church was built on the site of Echmiadzin. We will visit the Mother Cathedral of Holy Ejmiatsin. We will get Yerevan. City tour in the capital. For ages this city has been known as a “pink city” because of the color of the stone it has been built with. So visit to Republic square, Mashtoc Avenue, the House of Opera and Ballet after Aram Khachatryan, the park “Cascad”. Then we will visit to the manuscript museum of Armenia, which is called Matenadaran: here all ancient Armenian Manuscripts are kept. Dinner at a national Armenian restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan. (B/L/D)
  • Day 3: /Riding route/ Apaga-Sevansi Khach
    Breakfast. Arrival at Apaga resort: a center of active rest. Check in. We will start our trip riding from Apaga complex to Servansi Khach church. The trip starts at the height of 1380m then it goes down to 1230 m till the church. 4 years ago there used to be a hill here, which is said to have been a holy place but nobody knew that there was a church there. A soldier, who was serving at the military near the village Enokavan, started his own researches around this place and soon found out that there is a well preserved church here. The soldier did all this work alone. Picnic lunch on the route. We will return to the complex. Dinner... Fire... Stars... Overnight at the cottages. (B/L/D) Approximately 2 hours riding
  • Day 4: /Trekking route/ Apaga-Chanchi kar-Lastiver-Apaga
    Breakfast. We leave the complex; do hiking about 1380 m. to get our first step Chanchi Kar, which is said to have been built for defensive purposes. The first half of the way we will have descent path through the woods up to 1238 m, followed by a small rise of land along the path which runs next to the cliffs to Cianci Kar to a height of 1241 m. The route passes through the beech forest and is full of many broken cross-stones. Then we will climb about 1300 m. Until we get the place of cross-stones, which are on the height of 980 m. This place is also famous for another name: it is called Lastiver. During this entire trip we will be crossing beautiful and green forests breathing the fresh air. Lunch. Relax… Getting back to complex… Dinner… Overnight… Approximately 3.5 hours' trekking
  • Day 5: /Riding/ Apaga-Okon
    Breakfast. Exit from the western gate of the Club through the route "Hermit Trail" to the fork Lastiver -Okon. Our further rise will be in the forest to the height of 1324 m. First path passes through the sparse forest with open spaces to the gorge Parvidzor (altitude 1305 m), then through space of climbs and descents. We will then cross the river, which flows through the forest, and will get to a beautiful meadow on the altitude of 1321 m. After all we will reach Okon, which is an old basilica church with an ancient cemetery of cross-stones. In the evening we can go at a gallop. The total length of this route is about 9000 m. Lunch on the route. Relax. Dinner. Overnight in Okon in camps. (B/L/D) Approximately 5 hours riding
  • Day 6: Horse riding- trekking route Okon - Maiden Castle - Okon.
    Breakfast. During this day we will have horse-riding about 6 hours and trekking about 2.5 hours. We will leave our items and camps at Okon and climb the mountain range Lerang about 2100 m with beautiful cliffs and great view. Our next visit site will be the Maiden Fortress (Ahchikaberd) and we’ll get there by walking about 2 km. Approximately 2,5 hours' trekking, 6 hours' riding Lunch. Return to Okon. Dinner. Overnight in tents.
  • Day 7: /Riding/ Okon-Hasnakar
    Breakfast. The route of the day consists of alternating ups and downs in the meadows and the woods of altitudes 1600 - 1800 m. The main features of the day are the wonderful views: large caves, beautiful mountain stream, and the cool mountains. The location is ideal for picking up herbs. We will pick up three kinds of herbs for evening tea: mint, thyme, and chamomile (you can also take them home). This place is full of many birds, so we will also have the chance of observing eagles, hawks, jays – they are very close, so we can watch and take pictures of them. Lunch on the route. Return to Harsnakar. Dinner. Overnight in camps in Harsnakar. (B/L/D) Approximately 5 hours riding
  • Day 8: /Riding- trekking route/ Harsnakar- Deghdzut-Samsonavank- Harsnakar.
    Breakfast. We will start from Harsnakar and will up to the height of 1411m. The road passes through the woods, next to a beautiful gorge of the river. There are a couple of small but very pretty waterfalls here. We will take a short time for rest and relax. Then we will ride to the 12-13 century monastery Dehdzut, on the altitude of 1204m. There are almost no roads taking to this monastery because of a hurricane in 2005, which threw a lot of beech trees on the road and some of them even fell to the damaged dome of the monastery. We are glad to see that while there is still. Lunch. We will do trekking to the monastery of Samsonavank (13th century). Please note that this monastery is not included in any other ordinary tour program. (Trekking is optional). Return to Harsnakar. Dinner. Overnight in camps in Harsnakar. The total length of this route is about 16.000 m. Approximately 6 hours riding, trekking 2.5 hours
  • Day 9: /Riding / Hasnakar-Apaga
    Breakfast. We will ride to Apaga complex crossing rocks, mountain meadows, copses. Late lunch at the Club. Rest... Dinner. Overnight at APAGA Club, (B/L/D) Approximately 4 hours riding.
  • Day 10: Apaga Gomer
    This is a mystic route. According to a belief if one takes a flat stone at the beginning of the route and takes it till the end and throws it into the small river, at that time his/her lover thinks of them. There is also a mystic tree... So do not hesitate to make wish! Route begins at the western gate of the Club "APAGA-Resort" from flat stone slabs, buried in the ground. The path passes through sparse woods where can be seen wild roses, meadows of strawberries and mint bushes. Slight rise continues 450 m and leads to flowers which blossom from early spring to late autumn. The glade can be bright green, red, yellow, purple, white, and has a wonderful view of the valley and river Hachahpyur. It is an ideal place to stay, breathing some fresh air and taking sun baths, meditating. Continuation of the path through the woods leads to the "Tree of Love" - a crossed trunks which you have to put both hands and make a wish that is exactly true. Then climb becomes steeper and after 500 m we reach the stone Vansi Kap and the Path of the Hermit. The last part of the way is climbing sparse forest - comfortable in all weathers, to the spring on the edge of the Alpine meadows of about 2000 m. Go back through Puchur Sar - small groves and meadows 2 500m. Easy trail no lifts. Lunch at the Club. Rest. Dinner. Overnight at the cottages of the Club. Approximately 4 hours' trekking
  • Day 11: Apaga-Yerevan
    Breakfast. Departure from the complex. We will get Yerevan. Overnight in the hotel.
  • Day 12: Departure
    Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.
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