Hunot Canyon | Silk Road Armenia

Hunot Canyon

Explore one of the masterpieces of Nagorno Karabakh: “Hunot Canyon” with our professional team. It’s a great canyon with amazing nature, old ruins and wild caves. It starts from the eastern slope of Artsakh mountain range and flows into the river Kura. The arched stone bridge of Hunot was built in 1720 and till now it is the best way for crossing the river. This bridge, located in the ruins of Hunot village, once was the most important means of connection between Shushi and Varanda. The spring starts from the inside of the canyon and flows down the mossy rock forming a beautiful waterfall, with an umbrella-shaped cavern. The mossy umbrella waterfall is located on the bank of the river Karkar. You should pass through the ruins of Hunot village and then cross the medieval bridge to reach the waterfall from Shushi’s side. Huge rocks of Hunot canyon rise above this natural wonder giving it an unreal beauty.