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Black Fortress

Continuing your stroll through the park towards the western alley of Gyumri, you’ll encounter a delightful sight – a magnificent white statue in the Greek style welcoming you. From this lovely spot, you can enjoy captivating views of the Black Fortress, the Statue of Mother Armenia, and Shirak Stadium.

The grand, circular Black Fortress perched atop the hill offers an excellent vantage point to admire Gyumri’s cityscape. Originally, it served as a protective stronghold for the Russian Empire against the Ottoman Empire. This historic structure, crafted from black tuff, is the southern castle of the ancient Alexandrapol fortress. Its name is derived from the distinctive black tuff used in its construction.

The fortress, consisting of a single floor, features protective entrenchments on both sides of the main entrance, once filled with water to enhance its defenses. Its primary function was to safeguard the Russian borders from Persian and Turkish forces. Fascinating excavations around the fortress have unearthed numerous artifacts, some dating back as far as the 7th century and even older.

Currently, the building is privately owned and undergoing renovations to transform into a grand concert hall. You can catch a glimpse of the reconstruction progress and new plans in the stop gallery. As you immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of this site, you’ll appreciate Gyumri’s unique blend of tradition and modernity.