Kakavaberd - | Silk Road Armenia


In the heart of the Ararat province, 1,516 meters above the sea level, you’ll be able to find the fortified walls of the Kakavaberd fortress. Located in the middle of the Khosrov State Reserve, the fortress is first mentioned in 9th century, yet it’s estimated that it was built long time before the first record. Kakavaberd is also known by the names Geghi Berd, Keghi Berd or simply Kegh.

According to a legend, once a priest healed the conqueror of Tamerlane. As a token of gratitude, Tamerlane promises to fulfill one humble wish of the priest. The latter asks him to release as many prisoners as he could fit in this little church. Tamerlan agrees, but when the liberated entered the church, the priest turned them into birds and they flew away. Hence the name of the monastery Kakavaberd (Kakav translates as partridge from Armenian and Berd as fortress).