Kakavaberd - | Silk Road Armenia


Kakavaberd Fortress, perched at an elevation of 1,516 meters above sea level, lies in the heart of the Ararat province, amidst the scenic beauty of Khosrov State Reserve. While the earliest mention of the fortress dates back to the 9th century, historians believe it was constructed long before its first recorded mention. Also known as Geghi Berd, Keghi Berd, or simply Kegh, Kakavaberd carries a rich history and a captivating legend.

According to a fascinating tale, a priest once cured the conqueror Tamerlane, who, in return, offered to fulfill one humble wish of the priest. In a compassionate act, the priest asked Tamerlane to release as many prisoners as could fit within a small church. Generously, Tamerlane granted the wish, and as the liberated individuals entered the church, the priest miraculously transformed them into birds, and they soared into the sky. Hence, the name “Kakavaberd” originated from the Armenian word “kakav,” meaning “partridge.”

As you explore Kakavaberd Fortress, you’ll be captivated by its historical significance and the fascinating legend surrounding it. The fortress’s location within the breathtaking Khosrov State Reserve adds to its allure, providing a unique experience of blending history with nature’s splendor. Kakavaberd stands as a testament to the ancient craftsmanship and the enduring tales that have woven their way into the fabric of Armenian culture. Discover the charm of Kakavaberd, where stories of bravery, compassion, and transformation intertwine with the majestic landscapes of Ararat province.