Trchkan - | Silk Road Armenia


Trchkan, one of the most amazing waterfalls in Armenia falls between Shirak & Lori provinces, on Chichkhan River (a rivulet of Pambak River), 23.5 meters high with 1.5 tons per second flow. The Waterfall freezes in winters, when you might be lucky to do some ice-climbing on the solid ice. You will have to hike from Shirakamut Village for about 8 km through Chichkhan River’s Gorge to get to the Waterfall. The terrain is moderate, however, you will have to pass the River several times; waterproof boots and additional socks (or pants) will be required.

In 2008, the Waterfall was registered as a “Hydrological Monument”, and in 2011 it was included in the list of “Specially protected areas”.

Chichkhan River flows from north-eastern slopes of Shirak Mountains, at 2250 meters above sea level, runs for about 29 kilometers with total surface area of 192 The water stream is fed by snow-melt and underground sources, reaching its highest flow during March-June with almost 62% of its annual flow.