Hayravank - | Silk Road Armenia



​Perched on a rocky outcrop above the lake this beautiful 9-12th centuries monastery may not attract the crowds the way Sevanavank does, but it’s still just as attractive site as its more famous neighbor. Hayravank is actually comprised of two sections.

​The 9th century church and 10th century chapel are the older parts of the complex, whereas the gavit was a 12th century addition to the complex. There are several magnificent kachkars in the churchyard and a small souvenir shop.

To the northwest a short distance from the site there are the remnants of Bronze Age through medieval fortification walls and foundations of a settlement. A polished black vessel of the Early Bronze Age was also discovered during archaeological excavations in the area. Weapons of metal and stone, tools, clay idols, numerous vessels, fireplaces and two tombs, all from the iron age were discovered in the vicinity as well.