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The hot summers of Armenia would lead one to believe that Armenia probably has pretty mild winters, but the landscapes and nature actually do the opposite. Armenia can get cold! Fortunately, the cold and the winter sceneries of Armenia can be enjoyed and admired. If you’re traveling to Armenia in winter, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Usually winter lasts...
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Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Armenia September 21 is celebrated in Armenia as independence day. that is a big celebration in the whole country. History of Armenian Independence Day After the collapse of Soviet Union in August 1991, a referendum for independence in Armenia took place on September 21st 1991, ending nearly 70 years of Soviet rule. This resulted in Armenia becoming the first non-Baltic republic to secede from the Soviet Union and...
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Natural Resources of Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous country, and therefore rich in mineral resources such as iron, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc, gold, silver, antimony, aluminium, as well as other scarce and hard-to-find metals. Iron and copper ore, especially, are exported in significant volume. More than 670 solid mineral mines, including 30 metal mines, are currently registered in the state inventory of mineral resources. About 400 of these are exploited, including 22 metal mines:...
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Beautiful Colours of Armenian Autumn

Autumn may be considered to be the most beautiful season in Armenia as nature creates here a fantastic harmony of colours and sceneries. The colourful leaves “decorate” the whole nature and landscape creating the sense of a “second spring”. If you plan to travel to Armenia, than Autumn must be the best season to pack your things. You will enjoy here the fantastic game of its colours and the most...
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The statue of Sasuntsi David

Armenia’s famous statue of Sasuntsi Davit (David of Sasun) on horseback is located at the Sasuntsi Davit Metro station on Tigran Mets Street in Yerevan. There is another statue to Sasuntsi Davit in Fresno, California. In the centre of the square, surrounded by the Railway Workers’ Cultural Centre, a cinema and residential blocks, stands the statue of Davit Sasuntsi, a mythological hero of the Armenian folk epic poem. The sculptor...
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What Do Armenian Letters Hide?

The Armenian alphabet is a true masterpiece of its era and knows many secrets. However, there is one in particular that still blows the mind. As some people know the Armenian alphabet was (re)invented in 405 AD by the Armenian linguist and theologian Mesrop Mashtots with the help of the patriarch Sahak Partev and the Armenian king Vramshapouh. For these achievements Mashtots was made a saint in the Armenian Church....
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