Ughtasar Petroglyphs | Silk Road Armenia

Ughtasar Petroglyphs

The Ughtasar Petroglyphs are located in the south of Armenia in the stunning Syunik Province near a town called Sisian.  You can locate incredible history all over Armenia, but these petroglyphs are especially remarkable and can be even seen engraved on jewelry, coffee mugs, and pottery.  The only bad thing about the petroglyphs is how difficult it is to actually reach them, but perhaps this has been important in keeping them preserved.

The petroglyphs are believed to date back to the Paleolithic era and were all carved into the rocks of an extinct volcano, giving them a dark tint.  There is still a lot of speculation and confusion about this site today and it is under a lot of research and investigative work to unearth more of its history.  The Ughtasar petroglyphs depict hunting scenes, animals, geometric shape, and even some zodiac signs.