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Ughtasar Petroglyphs

The Petroglyphs of Ughtasar  are in the south of Armenia in the stunning Syunik province near Sisian city. The history of  Armenia is just incredible but these petroglyphs are especially remarkable as they come to prove the ageless history of Armenians and their immortal traces in this territory.  It is a bit difficult to get to as they the petroglyphs but they worth all the efforts as they are interesting to discover and inverstigate.

The petroglyphs are believed to date back to the Paleolithic era and to have been carved on the rocks of an extinct volcano  with dark tint.  There is still a lot of speculation and confusion about this site today and it is under various researches and investigations to unearth much deeper details of their history. Ughtasar petroglyphs depict hunting scenes, animals, geometric shapes and even some zodiac signs.