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Things to do in Yerevan

*Yerevan 29 years older than Rome.

Ancient but young forever!

You will either fall in love with it or just like it, because Yerevan has a special charm: it is pleasant to be here, walk, it is full of music and creativity, the capital is simply cozy and atmospheric, and the air is filled with the feeling of freedom and harmony.

Yerevan is the dancing fountains on the Republic Square and open-air concerts, Yerevan is the 2800th anniversary park with 2800 fountains and statues, it is the regular festivals and festive events, cozy squares and cafes, wine streets, counters of freshly squeezed juices at every step , graffiti art in the passages, long night walks, drive of the night capital, live music of art cafes and jazz clubs…

Yerevan is the Cascade, reminiscent of an amphitheater, from where a breath-taking panorama to the capital opens.

These are the Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the famous Museum of Ancient Manuscripts of Armenia – Matenadaran, Tsitsernakaberd memorial, Ararat brandy factory …

* Take a picture at the Republic Square

The iconic place, the Republic Square, is one of the architectural breakthroughs of not only Armenia, but of the whole world. Constructed partly from Armenia’s iconic stone, the pink tufa, and partly from an ivory colored stone, Republic Square represents Yerevan’s cultural and administrative center with many of the governmental buildings located there.

Inside the central building of the square one can find the History Museum of Armenia, as well as the National Art Gallery of Armenia. In summer, in front of the Museum, the singing and dancing fountains work, while in winter the big Christmas tree is installed. International hotel chains Marriott and Hyatt Place are standing on the central northern part.

The Republic square is also the venue for free open-air concerts, happening on the National Independence day (September 21) and the New Year’s Eve. In 2018, the Republic Square got a lot of media coverage on the international press, as it was the main venue for demonstrations during the peaceful, non-violent Velvet Revolution that took place in Armenia in the months of April-May, 2018, thus becoming another reason why Armenia is a safe travel destination. The Republic Square thus became the symbol of Democracy.

* Check out cultural events in the Opera House

The round-form basement of the Opera House amazes tourists visiting Yerevan. It is located near Mashtots avenue, in the city center. The National Theatre of Opera and Ballet is named after composer, conductor and founder of Armenian national symphonic music, Alexander Spendiaryan.

The building is overlooking to many touristic sites, including the France Square, Cascade, North Avenue and Mashtots Avenue. The Opera House is surrounded by the statutes of the three geniuses of the Armenian culture, Aram Khachaturian (composer and conductor), Hovhannes Tumanyan (the greatest Armenian poet), and Alexander Spendiaryan.

Opera House offers a big choice of cultural events: classical concerts, ballet and other dance performances, official award ceremonies, and festivals. Check out the program.

* Climb the Cascade stairway and enjoy beautiful views of the city

Cascade is an ensemble of more than 572 stairs constructed from a stone of ivory color. The latter is named so because of its architectural form. The Cascade complex now houses the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. The complex consists of several levels of terraces encompassing neatly cared gardens of colorful flowers as well as modern art exhibitions, featuring sculptors like Fernando Botero, Barry Flanagan, Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova and others. You can either climb up the stairs, or take the elevator made inside the complex. With each level, you come up with a better view of the city center and Mount Ararat.

If you love spending time in cozy terraced cafes with wonderful food and drinks, enjoying the evening air without car engines disturbing your rest, and in the meantime getting aesthetic pleasure from contemporary art statues, you should absolutely visit Cascade.