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Gravity reverse phenomenon at mount Aragats

Armenia is the land of magic and mysterious legends; this time we will talk about one of the most magical treasures of our country: the mystery of gravity hill of Mt. Aragats.
Gravity hills are a type of slope where things seem to move against gravity on their own accord. For instance, if water is poured onto the surface of the hill, it would seem to move upwards, instead of in the opposite direction, as one might expect it to.
Gravity hills seem to defy the laws of physics. If an object, for example, a ball, is placed on a slope, it should naturally be pulled downwards by gravity. On gravity hills, the opposite appears to occur, i.e. the object moving upwards instead.
This is by far one of the strangest yet fun facts about Armenia. The mountain route of Mt. Aragat is home to one of the most fascinating legends. There is an upward slope along this route, where a car can climb on its own without even a driver. That’s not all! This is not the only anomalous phenomenon happening in this place. There are few rivers in Mount Aragats, where water flows in reverse: from down to upwards.
As these hills apparently defy the laws of nature, they will definitely capture your attention. These mysterious hills occur in some parts of the world. One of them is found in Armenia – on the slopes of mount Aragats.

Aragats Mountain is the highest peak in the territory of Armenia and the fourth highest one in the Armenian Highland. It has four main peaks – Northern – 4090,1 meters, which is the highest one, Western – 3995,3 meters, Eastern – 3908,2 meters and Southern – 3887,8 meters. Between the rocky peaks of Aragats, a huge crater is situated, with the depth of 350m and a width of 3 km. Observations showed the presence of firm fields and snowfields on the sides of the crated cirque, as well as moraines and glaciers inside the crater. The top has strictly fragmented alpine-type relief.

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