Mulberry Festival

Mulberry or Syunik's Goods Festival is one of the most expected festivals of summer.  Two things that Armenians love to do is to eat tastily and show others what kind of tasty foods, healthy vegetables, and berries we have. This one is the combination of those two. The festival takes place annually in Syunik region where the Tti Oghi (Mulberry Vodka) was first created. Where else can this festival take place ? of course, in the heart of Region is located. 

The locals of the village are experts in using this berry in a different way, including mulberry vodka, sundried,  mulberry Lavash which is "Ttu Lavash", jams, syrups and etc. The participants will be able to see how the mentioned foods are being created and as well as take part in it. Traditionally, every festival in Armenia accompanied by national Armenian music and dances.